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Staging Service: Maximize your Property Potential

Staging has now become a vital part of preparing a home for sale, and one of the best investment a seller can make to have their property stand apart from others. With premium real estates, buyers are looking to fulfill their dreams and vison of their life style. Proper staging helps sell those dreams and triggers an emotional purchase. A properly staged property can translate to shorter listing times and higher selling prices. According to Home Staging Statistics, “94% of staged homes sell on average in 29 days or less, and almost always at a higher price”.


At Camerich Seattle, we collaborate with home owners, interior designers, developers, and real estate professionals to offer turnkey yet tailored staging solution. We also work with premium long-term rental property providers, as well as corporate executive short term leases.


We have provided staging to numerous high projects in the PNW, such as the newly developed Nexus condominium, or iconic projects in Seattle such as The Sanctuary, 1521 2nd Ave, The Escala, and many more.....


Contact us today to learn more.

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