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LISA Wall Sconce

LISA Wall Sconce

Cutting out all superfluous details, the LISA wall sconce perfectly depicts the flow of light, thru its highly functional, yet precisely sculptural form. Available in ceiling, wall, and floor lamp configurations, all LISA models offer a high quality CRI95 light output, without undesirable glare. The Wall and Ceiling version are fully dimmable via Triac dimming, while the Floor version is controlled thru a touchless integrated optic sensor. Each LISA lighting beam is adjustable up to 240 degrees for the ceiling and floor model, and up to 300 degrees for the wall version. Whether it is the all shiny black version, or the shiny black with chrome accents, the LISA will serve as an elegant addition to any environment.

  • Product Info

    Color   black / black + chrome / champagne gold
    Size  L 3″ x W 1.1″ x H 18.3″

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