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Impressed by respect and love for FUJI mountain in Japanese culture, our designer poetically characterized the FUJI. To express the mild impression, she utilizes a spherical opal glass to interpret the rising sun. Moreover, concentrated downward illumination meets the needs of work purpose. With a high CRI>90 LED source, the FUJI emits splendid amount of lighting, emulating the great powers of sunlight. With such high capabilities, impressively FUJI Pendant can also provide for a soft luminous performance with the diffuser beneath. Complementing the overall design, the delicate shade prevents direct glare, and provides for a smooth touch. With multiple choices of finish color and composition, FUJI Pendant is able to customize various lighting solution, showing true concept of modern lighting: perfect adaptability to every space.

  • Product Info

    Color    matt brass / matt black
    Size      L 3.7″ x W 3.7″ x MAX Hang Height 118.1″

  • Availability

    Matt Brass available
    Black version SOLD OUT

    Limited Availability: 1-2 weeks

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