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SKU: SLD-1011PF12-BK

Impressed by respect and love for FUJI mountain in Japanese culture, our designer poetically characterized the FUJI. To express the mild impression, she utilizes a spherical opal glass to interpret the rising sun. Moreover, concentrated downward illumination meets the needs of work purpose. With a high CRI>90 LED source, the FUJI emits splendid amount of lighting, emulating the great powers of sunlight. With such high capabilities, impressively FUJI can also provide for a soft luminous performance with the diffuser beneath. Complementing the overall design, the delicate shade prevents direct glare, and provides for a smooth touch. With multiple choices of finish color and composition, FUJI is able to customize various lighting solution, showing true concept of modern lighting: perfect adaptability to every space.

For FUJI Pendant 12, hooks on the ceiling allows various arrangement by setting directions of cable. Within different ideas, FUJI Pendant 12 turns out to be the visual center in the space.

    • Product Info

      Color    matt black
      Size      L 12″ x W 12″ x MAX Hang Height 118.1″

    • Availability

      Limited Availability: 1-2 weeks

    Color: Black
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