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Cube Rug

Cube Rug

Geometric and colorful; this is CUBE! A mix and match of high quality space dyed wool yarns are cross woven to create this masterpiece. Did you know that wool has great benefits? Its very durable; self cleaning and fire retardant. Besides that its ecological and has a long life span. And it is hand finished with the outmost care to create the beautiful fringes on the sides. Let this cheerful rug brighten up your interior!

  • Measurements

    SM: 4'6" x 6'7"
    MED: 5'7" x 7'10"
    LG: 6'7" x 9'10"
    XL: 8'2" x 11'6"
    XXL: 9'8"x 12'9"

  • Materials

    100% Wool, Crosswoven

  • Availability

    4-6 weeks - Limited Availability

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