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Play Rug

Play Rug

As the name suggests, PLAY is all about playfulness and frivolity. This rug which comes in the shape of two partially overlapping circles is made from an opulent combination of wool and viscose. The cheery, round lines and the gold woollen frills make for a contemporary focal point in your home interior. What is more, thanks to the interplay of fine loops and hand-cut piles, this rug feels velvety smooth. This exceptional rug is available in two sizes, as an eye-catcher in your living room or as the rug that makes your furniture stand out to even better effect.

  • Measurements

    SM: 7'10"Ø
    LG: 10'5"Ø

  • Materials

    97% Viscose/3% Wool - Handtufted

  • Availability

    Quick Ship (4-6 Weeks)

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